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Publisher's Note:  This website is dedicated to men seeking information on Male Breast Enlargement through Natural Herbal Supplements.

Feminization Hypnosis - Feminizing Yourself Through Hypnosis
For a Different You!

For years I have had fantasies where I imagined myself as a woman (usually in some sexual adventure). Little did I realize that these moments of imagination were preparing me to have breasts. For what I was actually doing was telling my subconscious that I wanted to have feminine traits. To some extent I was hypnotizing myself. 

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For  that is what happens when one is hypnotized - you open a direct link to the subconscious. Or another way of looking at this, is that under hypnosis, one has a chance to talk to the body at the cellular level - you can help direct physical changes.
Feminization Hypnosis is a process that can help you feel and look more feminine. It can help complete the transformation beyond merely dressing up as a woman and putting on make-up.  If you are a transvestite, a transsexual, a transgender or a just a man who wants to release their more feminine side,  then you can use this process to help you to achieve the life of your dreams.
Hypnotic feminization can be used for different levels of feminization - the effects can be temporary or permanent. You can use it to help you become a complete woman, for example or limit it to different stages of femininity.
Through hypnosis you can help improve the male breast enlargement program you are on. By using feminization hypnosis you can urge your breasts to grow faster and larger. I have used hypnosis to help with my breast development -  I have increased the blood circulation going to my breasts, causing them to heat up, for example. This in turn has made the herbs I use more effective.
Feminization hypnosis enables you to achieve amazing results. Your mind is one of the most powerful parts of your body... With it you can make dramatic changes!
Why should  you consider hypnotic  feminization?  Men who want to be women, do not want to be actors playing a role in life. They desire  a femininity that is second nature - they want to act instinctively as a woman. Somewhere inside you, you have noticed that women have a way they talk, a way they walk, a way they greet someone, a way they carry their purse, a way they style their hair, a way they respond when someone asks for something,  a way they eat their food and drink their coffee... There are many, many ways to express  feminine characteristics. Feminization hypnosis is a way to change yourself at the subconscious level - to go from a male mindset to a female mindset.
What happens during hypnosis? Sitting or lying in a quite, darkened area, one listens to a hypnotic feminization course on MP3 or CD. This puts you into a hypnotic trance and provides you with guided suggestions and/or helps you create your own set of suggestions...  Once under  hypnosis, changes are made in the part of the brain which we never use when we are completely conscious.  You enter an altered state of consciousness where you can effectively control the subconscious mind. You feel completely relaxed and comfortable during this process. While in this state you give your subconscious various commands and suggestions. And then "awaken" refreshed and satisfied.
Feminization Hypnosis
During hypnotic feminization, the suggestions you tell yourself are about being a woman - you can ask your body to produce more estrogen, to swing your hips more when you walk, to increase your breast size, to soften your voice and basically to take on all the traits that you want to have as a woman. The list of feminine characteritics you want to express can be long and very indivudal. Your mind and body can be asked to conform to that list and it will respond.
What can happen with hypnotic feminization? You attitude will change, your emotional states will shift. Physical movements will be different. Your appearance may alter and actual physical changes can occur. Who we are is to some extent dictated by our chemical balance. Request the body to shift that balance to a more feminine one and it will do so...
Do you want to enjoy how it feels to be a woman? Feminization hypnosis can allow a male to actually feel, think and act as a female. You can use hypnosis to fulfill a fantasy of having a female body either temporarily or permanently. 
One method of hypnotic feminization, I recommend, is the hypnotic course created by Richard Mackenzie. He has developed  a step-by-step procedure available as a Feminization Hypnosis MP3 download. For more information, go to Feminization Hypnosis.
Related resources to consider:  The Crossdressing Guide.

About the Author  Sam Frea is the publisher of several websites including: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches, Harvest The Sun | Renewable Energy, Coin Collector's Dream - Gold Coins, Dieting Help | Move More - Eat Less, and Best Yoga For Life.

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News About Feminization

These Women-Run Co-ops Push Back Against the “Feminization of Poverty”
Toward Freedom
Two-thirds of the country's low-wage workers are women. That's why they stand to benefit the most from greater equity in and control of the workplace. Last month, Seattle passed an ordinance to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, making it the ...

Commentary: Why do American women vote at a higher rate than US men?
Press Herald
Thanks to the feminization of poverty, women are more dependent on safety-net services such as food stamps and child care subsidies. Even among Americans who aren't poor, though, women are more likely than men to be the primary caregivers, which ...

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Reeling with questions: Fisheries expert Ellen Marsden
... threat that has been overlooked until recently, and there are literally thousands of these chemicals being introduced into natural waters with little or no knowledge of the biological effects — such as feminization/sex change of fish exposed to ...

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Voice of America

At International AIDS Conference One Goal, Many Paths
Voice of America
My priority is feminization. My priority is social support. My priority is mental health," she said. "When you design an HIV program, you cannot keep these things out of that.” "I think the most important thing, for me, is that community doesn't get ...

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Comentators should be cautious in criticizing women's politics
The Daily Advertiser
Thanks to the feminization of poverty, women are more dependent on safety-net services such as food stamps and child care subsidies. Even among Americans who aren't poor, though, women are more likely than men to be the primary caregivers, which ...

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River chemicals are feminizing male fish
Science AAAS
Male fish with signs of feminization, including the development of eggs, have been discovered in Pennsylvania's Delaware, Ohio, and Susquehanna river basins. The find is a sign of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the water, possibly from mixtures of ...

Chemical-laden runoff creating intersex fish in Pa. waters
That may help explain why the Susquehanna River, more than the Ohio or Delaware rivers, had the highest number and most extreme cases of feminization. Blazer said the results are worrisome not only for the reproductive health of the fish, but also for ...

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World Tempus

Concours d'élégance
World Tempus
In tune with the increasing feminization of the car world, the event is also a homage to Femme Mille—a theme to which the Jura-based Maison has dedicated the year 2014, with its top-flight feminine collection. Chantilly Art & Elegance. © Richard Mille.

Intersex fish indicate chemical problems in Pa. rivers
The fish - males that develop immature eggs and other signs of feminization - are considered symptomatic of estrogenic chemicals in the water. Their discovery in the state indicates that effects of hormones and hormone-like compounds are more ...

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Science 2.0

Sexist Weather And Hermaphroditic Frogs: The Problem Of Faux Peer Review
Science 2.0
It claimed feminization of male frogs due to an herbicide. It turned out to be nothing, the authors refused to show their data to the EPA and the EPA ended up giving the herbicide a clean bill of health. How did all that happen? The hand-picked, pre ...
WSJ publishes article on problems with Research PapersUncover California

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