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Male Breast Enlargement

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Publisher's Note: Male Breast Enlargement can now be accomplished through Natural Herbal Supplements!
I created this website to detail my personal experiences and provide men and women information and insight into the world of male breast enlargement.

Male Breast Enlargement

By Sam Frea

Are you a man thinking about enlarging your breasts?

You might be a transexual on the journey to being transformed physically into a woman. You might be like me - a married, heterosexual male who has always just wanted to have feminine breasts. Or somewhere inbetween...

Natural breast development is a reality. I once read a science fiction story by Robert Heinlein about a powerful businessman who, after a fatal accident, has his brain transferred into the body of a beautiful woman.The idea secretly thrilled me - the thought of being a man still and having my own pair of breasts. To grow a bust. Now I have my own feminine breasts, currently 40 C's.

Although science hasn't gotten to brain transplants yet, the use of natural herbal substances that can stimulate the growth of a woman's breast to a larger size is well documented. These same natural plant supplements can stimulate a man's body to develope feminine breasts.

If you have discovered this website, then you have also noticed a multitude of sites selling breast enlargement pills. Most of these sites talk alot about how well their pills work, but do not give enough information on the background of stimulating breast growth or specific information about the herbal supplements.

In searching for that information, I got lucky and found a Male Breast Enlargement E-Book.

Developing your breasts is a serious endeavor - you should be as fully informed as possible. The Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement E-Book is a great resource for both general knowledge and specific details. You can learn how to create your own natural, herbal supplement program to grow your breasts. You will discover important nutritional information to support you breast development.

Did you know that a certain massage technique, by itself, can stimulate breast growth? That information is in this book.

Whether you have just begun to research the subject of breast growth or already are on a breast enlargement program, this book is for you. The Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement E-Book will fill in gaps in your knowledge, no matter where you are at in this process. Click here for more information: Breast Enlargement Guide


One chapter in the Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement E-Book tells about making your own Breast Cream. While I found it easy to use the herbal supplements recommended in the e-book, you may decide to try a commercial Breast Cream product instead. As an alternative to a do-it-yourself cream, I have found that Perfect Woman Breast Cream works very well. To order a supply or find out more information, click the jar:

Note that, like most products available, Perfect Woman Breast Cream is marketed mainly to women (over 100,000 users!) - yet this breast enlargement product works just as well, if not better with men!

We live in exciting and unusual times. My adventure with feminine breasts has just begun. It is an adventure I am glad to be on.

There are many articles about male breast enlargement on this website, check out the menu of article titles on the left.

About the Author

Sam Frea is the publisher of several websites including: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches, Harvest The Sun | Renewable Energy, Great Food | Great Recipes, Dieting Help | Move More - Eat Less, and Scent of Change | Aromatherapy.

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Times of India
Called gynaecomastia in medical terms, breast enlargement in men is caused by imbalance in male and female hormones—androgens and oestrogen. It's more frequent in boys aged between 19 and 25 years, though a few cases are also observed in ...

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Medically, Gynaecomastia or male breast enlargement is an endocrinal disorder which results in benign enlargement of breast tissue in males. It can happen due to several reasons, most common one being the imbalance of male-female hormone. Though it ...


A growing epidemic of male boobs in India: Is Bollywood to blame or diet?
The problem of breast enlargement in men is called gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia is a medical term which is derived from the Greek work for 'lady-like breasts' and is an endocrine disorder which leads to enhancement of the breast tissue in males. India ...

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Are transgender rights next in fight for equality?
Wausau Daily Herald
This is usually accompanied by hormone use, facial reconstruction and breast enlargement or reduction. Gender Dysphoria: A psychological condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's ...

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25 Things Men Worry Could Give Them Man-Boobs
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Recently, reports have been circulating that drinking IPAs could cause breast enlargement in men, a.k.a the dreaded “man-boobs.” The science behind this theory has been effectively debunked: While hops do contain phytoestrogen, which mimics estrogen in ...

Flyers great Bernie Parent goes public with private pain over gynecomastia
The Stanley Cup-winning goalie, who suffered from gynecomastia - male breast enlargement - underwent a nonsurgical procedure in January that considerably reduced the amount of fat tissue in his chest to give him a more sculpted profile. "It started in ...


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Breasts, buttocks and botox – the surprising trends in plastic surgery
Of 27 unisex cosmetic surgeries – we've discounted female breast enlargement or male breast reduction – there are just three where the number of men having the procedure outweighs the number of women. They are: calf augmentation, chin augmentation ...
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For the first time, Flyers great Bernie Parent is speaking up about his struggles with gynecomastia, the name for male breast enlargement. The 70-year-old former goalie underwent a procedure in January that greatly reduced the amount of fat tissue in ...

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